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Duties of the County Commission....

The Constitution of the State of West Virginia outlines the duties performed by the office of the county commission (Section 11, Article 9). Other duties and responsibilities are specified in Chapter 7 of the West Virginia Code. These include, but are not limited to:

• Custodian of all deeds and other papers presented for record in the county
• Administration of internal police and fiscal affairs of the county
• Authority to lay and disburse county levies as prescribed by law
• Judge of election, qualification, canvass, and return of all county and district offices
• Preparation and adoption of the budget for all county offices
• Jurisdiction in all matters of probate
• Appoint guardians for minor children, receive court settlements generally
• Own and maintain county property
• Sit as a Board of Review and Equalization to hear appeals on property values for assessment purposes
• Appoint Fiduciary Commissioners to oversee and settle certain estates as required
• Appoint members of certain county boards, authorities, and public service districts
• Adopt ordinances and orders in areas of jurisdiction
• Approve purchases and payments for all county elected offices

Note: There are 5 county commission seats, 1 per district. You must live in the district for which you are running to represent that district. However, all registered voters within the county are eligible to vote for all county commission seats.

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